Knotted Rope | Web Design – what you get
Knotted Rope, based in Romsey, is a one-stop resource for web, media, digital and IT Support requirements for small and mdeium business
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Web Design – what you get

When you ask us to design your website, we work closely with you to get a feel for what you like, what you need and what you want. We will put together some ideas and framework, and when you’re happy. we’ll put it all together into a perfect package for you.

What do you get when you host your website with us? Well, let us tell you:

  1. Fast, UK-based web servers
  2. Free SSL certificate (even wildcards!)
  3. Daily Backups
  4. Free Content Delivery (if you want it)
  5. unmetered (fair-use) bandwidth
  6. FTP and phpMyadmin access
  7. More, but we’ll tell you at the time!