Web Design

Our web design services are based around WordPress. We've tried other systems but our customers like to be able to update their own content easily, and have a wide range of additional functionality. So for us and our clients, WP works really well.
If a client wants to control the site themselves after we've created it, we will generally use a builder like Elementor as it's easy to use for non-technical types. For technical types or for sites where we maintain the content on behalf of a client, we will not use a basic builder..
One thing we always concentrate on is mobile-first use, so you will always know that your site looks good on a mobile device or tablet, and just as good on larger screens.


Our hosting is all UK-based, and uses fast servers and storage. We use nginx and optimise the sites to get the best performance we can. For everyday sites with little traffic or low database use, we use shared hosting on dedicated VPS, and for bespoke projects, high-load sites etc we would recommend a dedicated VPS for that site or maybe for that customer to have 2 or 3 of their own sites on.
Our hosting provides perpetual SSL certificates, security scans and updates so you're fully covered. And of course you have nightly backups.


If you want to sell online, we have a wide range of packages to achieve what you want, from single WooCommerce to multi-vendor marketplaces. All our packages are modern and secure, and can use many payment gateways. We can even do a simple invoicing system that allows you to send quotes, get them approved and converted to invoices, and paid with Stripe or Bank transfer for example. All our systems are fully SSL protected and GDPR compliant.


Of course, a website is only as good as its security. This is something we take very seriously, especially when dealing with WordPress.
We always install security software on a website, and enforce multi-factor authentication on the admin control panel at the very least. Our hosting has security scanners and safeguards in place, of course. We can't say that our sites are hack-proof, but we take as many preventative steps as we can to make sure that your site is as secure and up to date as possible. We also make sure that we are aware of any updates so we can test them and roll them out very quickly, and we get alerts when any breaches or vulnerabilities are discovered globally so we can jump into action quickly.