Case Studies

Examples of our recent work

Your Local Makers

Your Local Makers is a (currently) national directory of makers and artists, also providing information on events and workshops. All of this is geo-located so that results are local to the person searching. This site uses Stripe for processing recurring payments and subscriptions. 
Click on the images below to open a larger version.
The site was built around a colour theme and has a variety of interesting features:


Friendly Cookie Settings

How often have you gone to a website and had the daunting task of manually ticking and unticking cookie settings? They do it so you just accept them as it is easier!
We made the site with end users in mind. The cookie selector starts on the "functionality" setting and the user can simply tap on the setting they want. One click, all done!

Intelligent Geo-location

The search facility narrows down searches very quickly to provide tailored results. If people do not use geo-location they can type in a city, region or place to achieve the same. If there are multiple results, the map shows a cluster marker with the number of results. Zooming in will split the markers into individual results, depending on zoom level,

Push Notifications

The site owners wanted to be able to notify people of new features, listings etc, so we incorporated a push system into the site.
We also installed a feature to allow people to save the site as an app on their phone or within Windows.